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hemp coffee
hemp coffee
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Smooth Taste. Soothing Vibes.

We selected the finest Nano Hemp infused coffee blends from Coldfire Roasters because their quality stands head and shoulders above the rest. Try it. We stand behind all the products we curate at Soulful Herbals.



+Hemp Infused Coffee. Nano Phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp coffee is infused with 220MG of CBD, 10MG per cup. Available in K-cups (6-packs). So you can take it easy but not too easy.

K-Kup 6-Packs for Easy Drinking. Enjoy a 6-pack of either Cuban Espresso or Colombian blend.Each k-cup delivers a smooth 10MG of CBD from PCR-rich full spectrum hemp extract. Just $19.99.

NANO CBD CUBAN ESPRESSO BLEND IS OUR TOP SELLER! Just $29.95 for and 8 ounce bag with 220MG of CBD from PCR-Rich Hemp extract. 10MG CBD per cup. Smooth and delicious. Try some today and take your coffee game to the next level.