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How to make any herbal powder taste good

The hardest thing about taking herbal products can be the taste. Herbs, roots and natural products that effect the body in positive way can usually be potent in flavor.
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This is not the smoothie in question but a beet juice smoothie is a favorite way to boost energy and circulation. Photo by Ivan Samkov on

While many people in the herbal community advocate the toss n wash method for these such occasions. The Toss N Wash method is where you take a herbal powder you do not like the taste of, for example Moringa powder, you put some juice in your mouth than you put the powder in, you add more juice and you swallow the mixture whole and try not to inhale it or throw it up. It is definitely not a way to take any herb that I would recommend.

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Ok, so I am going to give away my go to recipe to make any herbal powder, green powder or herb that you do not like the flavor of drinkable.

You know how people complain that when you add banana to a smoothie it overpowers the flavor. Any of these things that overpower the flavor of a smoothie can be used to overpower the bitterness of a green powder.

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Among the top items I like to add to my smoothie before adding a green powder would be banana, sunflower butter and pear, apple, guava or almost any other base juice. I find this combination to overpower any of the bitter green juice. You can also add honey to the mixture for some additional sweetness if needed.

Among the questions people have about herbs, kratom powder being one of them, is what do they smell like and does that effect quality. Other than being able to smell for contaminants like mold, most kratom has an earthy note to its smell and is often compared to the smell of dried gourds or pumpkins. When you buy kratom powder online you do not get to smell and taste it so it is important to trust your online kratom vendor.

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What are the top things to look for when you buy kratom? When you buy kratom online or from a kratom vendor near you, you should look for the following.

Kratom strains like Sumatra Kratom, Indo Kratom, Borneo Kratom, Bali Kratom or Malay Kratom are curated for their unique alkaloids and properties.

Do you know where your kratom comes from?

Soulful Herbals Kratom is lab tested, non GMO, gamma processed for contaminants and shipped out to you. Mitragyna Speciosa or kratom has many strains that you can purchase including:
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