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How to buy kratom

Buy Kratom Powder: The insiders guide to buying kratom

How to buy Kratom Powder. Joe Rogan on Kratom. And How Kratom is similar to marijuana.

Buying kratom is legal in the USA. At least most parts. You may want to check your state codes and it may be worth advocating in your state for legality.

Kratom powder is legal

Introduction to Kratom:

Want to buy kratom powder legally? When it comes to kratom, there is as much misinformation, if not more circulating on the Internet and in the Media, than there is information. It is our hope to provide balance with more facts on kratom. We also always advocate and promote that with herbal medicine, every individual is unique, as is the balance of their body (which can vary and change). Being mindful that in traditional herbal medicine, what cures one, causes harm to another. So be careful, be aware, and get as much information as possible before starting any wellness or supplement program. With all natural supplements, start with small amounts, gauge reaction and adjust accordingly. Kratom has often been compared to marijuana and is similar in a number of ways.

At Soulful Herbals, we believe that as long as you are a legal and consenting adult, your wellness needs are your own. We don’t want anyone telling us what flowers, herbs, plants or oils we shouldn’t be using and why we should be going to doctors and getting prescriptions for pharmaceuticals that are just not tolerable for some.

What is kratom?

Related to the coffee plant, kratom is a tree native to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and other areas of Southeast Asia.
Mitragyna speciosa is kratom’s botanical name. 

Buy Kratom from soulful herbals

Kratom remains legal in the USA but the pressure is on from the Opiate Industry.

Check out Joe Rogan’s Podcast and learn how and why it was made illegal in the first place.  We appreciate everyone advocating for the legality of kratom nationwide and your rights to buy kratom legally.


Thanks Joe Rogan! Next time we hope he will try our Soulful Herbals kratom. We will send it to him and his crew, all he has to do is ask.

Powdered kratom is the most abundant and available in the USA because it is the easiest to import into the country. Encapsulated kratom powder can be up to 10 times more expensive than regular kratom powder so longterm users often come up with a system for getting the powder into their routine as opposed to spending money on capsules. For those who do not regularly need to use kratom, capsules are more convenient.

Kratom apothecary
Kratom apothecary

Accoding to,kratom has different effects at varying doses. How people are using kratom powder.

Kratom capsules
Kratom capsules are popular in the USA but people who buy kratom powder in larger quantities, prefer the discounts that come when you buy kratom powder by the kilogram.

The active chemical in kratom is mitragynine, which comes from kratom’s botanical name Mitragyna Speciosa. Mitragynine works in a similar manner as opioids.

Buy Kratom Powder

Some of our most popular strains include Red Bali, White Maeng Da, White Horn, Super Green Malay, Primo Green Indo, Red Maeng Da. Check out our very popular 3 Strain Sampler, where you get to choose one ounce of three different kratom strains. Sample some of our most popular strains including our new OG Blend of 11 strains of kratom. Find your favorite strains and order our kratom by the kilogram.

Choose From These Kratom Strains : Super Green Malay – Super Green Maeng Da – Red Borneo – OG Blend – More Coming Soon

For more information on kratom or how to buy kratom powder legally, visit Mention this post to get a free sample with your next order.

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