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What Does Kratom Do? & How to Buy Kratom Online.

Kratom. Huh. What is it good for. If you say nothing. You are wrong. Where is kratom legal and where to buy kratom online?

Buy kratom online and discover a world of possibilities both positive and negative. When you buy kratom, if you do not know what you are looking for, you are in for a sketchy experience.

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Lab tested kratom tea

First off, lets talk about why people seek out euphoric teas. What are the feelings they are looking for? When people seek out local kava bars for kratom and kava teas, what feeling is it that they desire.

Kratom, aka Mitragyna speciosa, is a popular herb in the healing and recovery communities and has a long and revered history. Some people discover kratom while seeking out a natural pain reliever. Others while experimenting with euphoric teas also seek anxiety relief. While kava is a social tea, kratom’s relation to the coffee plant gives it invigorating effects for some. The effects of kratom vary with each person, like any other herb. When used as organic stimulants, euphoric teas like kava and herbs like kratom can be invaluable to chronic pain and anxiety sufferers. Sourcing your kratom from reputable sources that take the proper quality assurance and quality control measures like gamma processing, is the way to keep safe when you buy kratom online.

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Kratom legal climate, news and state by state legislation

Among the many issues with kratom is its legality. The legal climate for this popular plant changes from state to state and even county to county. We broke down the ins and outs of kratom legality in the USA.


  • Kratom is currently illegal in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Vermont, and Wisconsin and was forbidden for use by the US Army.
  • Sarasota County FL
  • Jerseyville, Illinois
  • Alabama is where Kratom is a Schedule 1 controlled substance and very illegal
  • In Wisconsin, Kratom is illegal and is a Schedule 1 controlled substance similar to heroine or cocaine.
  • Indiana considers Kratom to be an illegal and synthetic substance (synthetic? really Indiana?)
  • Tennessee kratom is illegal to buy, sell or use 
  • Arkansas law prohibits the use of Kratom

Below is a comprehensive list of the legal status of Kratom on each state.


  • In Florida, Kratom is  legal except in Sarasota County
  • For Illinois, to buy kratom is legal to sell to adults but is illegal in Jerseyville
  • Is kratom legal in Arkansas? Kratom is illegal and banned as of February 1, 2016.
  • Kratom legality in Alabama?  Banned as of May 10, 2016.
  • Is it legal to buy kratom in Indiana? Kratom is Banned and illegal.
  • Kratom legality Rhode Island? Banned and signed into law on May 31, 2017.
  • Is kratom legal in Vermont – Banned
  • Kratom legality Washington D.C. – Banned by resolution on December 12, 2016.
  • Kratom legality Wisconsin – Banned
  • Is kratom legal in Alaska – Legal
  • Kratom legality Arizona – Legal
  • Is kratom legal in California – Legal except for San Diego city and the city of Kratom legality Oceanside.
  • Is kratom legal in Colorado – Legal
  • Kratom legality Connecticut – Legal
  • Is kratom legal in Delaware – Legal
  • Kratom legality Florida – Legal except for Sarasota County.
  • Is kratom legal in Georgia – Legal
  • Kratom legality Hawaii – Legal
  • Is kratom legal in Idaho – Legal
  • Kratom legality Illinois – Legal for adults except for Jerseyville where it was banned in April 2017.
  • Is kratom legal in Iowa – Legal
  • Kratom legality Kansas – Legal
  • Is kratom legal in Kentucky – Legal
  • Kratom legality Louisiana – Legal
  • Is kratom legal in Maine – Legal
  • Kratom legality Maryland – Legal
  • Is kratom legal in Massachusetts – Legal
  • Kratom legality Michigan – Legal
  • Is kratom legal in Minnesota – Legal
  • Kratom legality Missouri – Legal
  • Is kratom legal in Mississippi – Legal except for Union County.
  • Kratom legality Montana – Legal
  • Is kratom legal in Nebraska – Legal
  • Kratom legality Nevada – Legal
  • Is kratom legal in New Hampshire – Legal for 18+ only.
  • Kratom legality New Jersey – Legal
  • Is kratom legal in New Mexico – Legal
  • Kratom legality New York – Legal but, the sale and distribution of Kratom are banned.
  • Is kratom legal in North Carolina – Legal
  • Kratom legality North Dakota – Legal
  • Is kratom legal in Ohio – Legal for now because the process of scheduling Kratom as a Schedule I substance is ongoing.
  • Kratom legality Oklahoma – Legal
  • Is kratom legal in Oregon – Legal except for Ontario
  • Kratom legality Pennsylvania – Legal
  • Is kratom legal in South Carolina – Legal
  • Kratom legality South Dakota – Legal
  • Is kratom legal in Tennessee – Legal for 21 and over as of July 2018.
  • Kratom legality Texas – Legal
  • Is kratom legal in Utah – Legal
  • Kratom legality Virginia – Legal
  • Is kratom legal in Washington – Legal
  • Kratom legality West Virginia – Legal
  • Is kratom legal in Wyoming – Legal
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In the states where Kratom is legal, you can grow and use it, but you can’t sell it. It is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Is kratom legal in Canada?

  • Kratom is Canada falls into the gray area where it is legal to be sold as a botanical and not for human consumption.
  • Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) states that kratom is illegal to possess or sell for consumption or to be eaten or ingested.
  • When selling kratom capsules in Canada, the purpose must be for botanical measurement and not to be swallowed.
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Here is more information on the International Legality of Kratom, kratom extracts and Kratom powder.

Where internationally in kratom legal?

  • Kratom in the Bahamas – Legal
  • Barbados Kratom – Legal
  • Kratom in Belize – Legal
  • Costa Rica Kratom – Legal
  • Kratom in Cuba – Legal
  • Dominican Republic Kratom– Gray area
  • Kratom in Guatemala – Legal
  • Honduras Kratom – Legal
  • Kratom in Jamaica – Legal
  • Mexico Kratom – Legal
  • Kratom in Nicaragua – Legal
  • Saint Lucia Kratom– Legal
  • Kratom in Trinidad and Tobago – Legal
  • Asia Kratom
  • Kratom is illegal in Asia, however, it is not banned all across Asia. Kratom is illegal is Asia according to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). In ASEAN countries, Kratom cannot be a dietary supplements or used in medicines.
  • Below is a list of the ASEAN countries where kratom is prohibited:
  • Laos Kratom
  • Cambodia Kratom
  • Malaysia Kratom– Banned in 2003.
  • Brunei Kratom
  • Indonesia Kratom
  • Myanmar Kratom
  • Vietnam Kratom
  • Singapore Kratom
  • Thailand Kratom – Completely banned in 1979. In December 2018, Thailand legalized Kratom for medicinal use only.
  • Philippines Kratom
  • South Korea Kratom – Kratom is highly illegal in South Korea
  • Kratom is grown and produced in Malaysia and Indonesia. In many countries, Kratom’s legal status is a gray area and there are no laws regulating its legality.

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