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Buy Bulk Kratom – 3 Easy Steps

Buy Bulk Kratom from Soulful Herbals to supply your store or your neighborhood in troubled times.

Buy bulk kratom online and you will begin to understand the subtle nuances of a quality product. Kratom, is a tree related to coffee, which means it is susceptible to vary from the region it is cultivated in. In fact, there are several factors that can mean the difference between a high quality kratom powder and a kratom powder your customers will return because it is ineffective.

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Buy Bulk Kratom in 3 Easy Steps

At Soulful Herbals, we are able to ensure our bulk kratom products meet our very high standards. Our methods are simple. First, we only import kratom from farms that we know cultivate their kratom trees using sustainable methods and without herbicides.

Next, we lab test each batch of kratom we receive. This ensures it has a high concentration of Mitragynine, the active ingredient in kratom powder.

Finally, we hit the entire batch of product with gamma radiation. This is a process that kills any contaminants and ensures the final product is safe and clean.


Research a reputable vendor with reviews and information available online. Read reviews and discussion boards about their quality and customer service.


Call the kratom company. Can you talk to someone with knowledge who can assure you of the quality and process? Can’t get someone on the phone to give you an answer when you have money to spend on their kratom? What is the chance they will answer when you have an issue with your order? When you can speak with the owners of any small reputable retailer you are in good shape.


Know what it means to be lab tested and Gamma Processed for contaminants. Lab testing alone is not good enough. If a product says its lab tested that is great. However, that just means there is information about the product that has been analyzed by a third party. Gamma processing is an extra step. It is used by only the top of the food chain kratom companies and it ensures the product is clean. Clean meaning free of contaminants like mold, salmonella, bacteria and other harmful substances.

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Buy any product, from bulk kratom to bulk green tea, even bulk dandelion extract — and you must be certain quality. At Soulful Herbals, our quality has set us apart for the past several years. When it comes to quality, we stand tall. No one has the high quality kratom products including bulk kratom and bulk kratom extract like us.

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Soulful Herbals provides high quality bulk kava powder and kava extract. Soulful Herbals is the premier kava distributor and is recognized as a leader in the kava industry.

For information or to buy bulk kratom from the world’s best supplier, simply contact us.

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