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Plant Medicine Mafia

The Plant Medicine Mafia is the third TikTok account for Soulful Herbals that has taken on a life of its own.
Plant Medicine Mafia

Buy kratom, sell kratom, use kratom… but don’t educate people online or threaten big pharma or mainstream social media will shut you down. I had found a most liberal home in TikTok for kratom content that slowly eroded as they eliminated the hashtag and cancelled the accounts of anyone talking about kratom. If you talked about kratom in any way or used the hashtag #kratom, you would get banned.

Whatever you do, don’t mention kratom on social media.

My first account got to 30K friends before getting banned for making kratom recipes look easy. I had online tutorials explaining how to buy kratom, how to make kratom teas, how to make kratom smoothies, how to measure kratom, how to judge the quality of kratom and much more. They have all been deleted from the major platforms. This left me with the only option of creating content that talked about herbs without mentioning kratom. This is how @plantmediciinemafias was born. The first account was @soulfulherbals, which got banned for kratom videos, the second account was @plantmedicinemafia which also got banned for videos that violated guidelines.

How do you start a Plant Medicine Movement?

Now we go under the account on tiktok @plantmedicinemafias. We are more careful about what we say. We do not have videos on how to buy kratom online, where to buy kratom, how to judge the quality of kratom and more. Our videos on kratom extract and tea recipes with kratom leaf and thousands of views. One viral video of a simple explanation of the three main kratom strains, red kratom, green kratom and white kratom, reached nearly 100K views before being removed.

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Using the following we gained from @plantmedicinemafia on TikTok we are launching We want this to be a resource for everyone to sell their small batch herbal products. We all seem to know someone who makes a great small batch product in the wellness world but just does not have the passion they need to market it. When it comes to the product, they believe in it 100%. However, when it comes to creating a website and social media presence around it, they just have no desire.

We are looking to form a community around plant medicine.

This is where comes in. We want to be the place where little herbal can come to sell products, discuss healing and wellness. And most importantly, share a community built on trust and a commitment to worldwide wellness.

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We are going to make sure the products are the best and our audience of 97K followers and growing will keep us all honest. As nothing slips by the Plant Medicine Mafia undetected. We are looking for vendors and will be launching soon. If you are interested in selling your herbal or wellness product on, email us at plantmedicinemafia@21khrome1

For information on kava, visit For more information on the plant medicine movement, visit


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  1. I just want to say everything about this particular vendor is stellar and amazing. I’ve known the SoulfulHerbals team for just about 4 years, everything from customer service – which I can’t justify how good it is in words all the way to products. As I checked mail today, through a priority envelope I could smell the fresh kratom inside sealed bags. This business and owner is amazing at everything they do.

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