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Buy Crushed Leaf Kratom


Crushed leaf kratom is a new addition to the Soulful Herbals lineup. There are many advantages to the addition of crushed leaf kratom. Kratom strains including green maeng da speciosa are the most popular. Because when it comes to the advantages of crushed leaf versus kratom powder, it really comes down to a matter of preference.

So, if you want to add to the conversation with recipes, please chime in on social media. Because we care about your opinion and your kratom reviews.


Fine kratom powders can be incorporated into mixtures and dissolved more easily making for a more uniform absorption in the liquid or water it is being added to. Crushed leaf kratom does not have the risk of being inhaled while made or processed. Inhaling any powdered substance can have negative impact in your lungs so crushed leaf kratom has the least potential dangers of all kratom products. Crushed kratom leaf can appear like mint or another kind of tea. Kratom leaf when it is dried and ground can be filtered for any stems and unwanted elements as with Soulful Herbals fine ground powdered kratom and kratom leaf products.

Buy kratom with confidence from our ultra secure web site. Soulful Herbals products are always quality inspected in the USA and guaranteed for purity, potency and freshness. We just added the Unwind Hemp shot to the lineup and the reviews are great. We are also about to add a high quality CBD hemp extract 600MG. It will be for the lowest possible price we can offer. Therefore our challenge is to bring the highest quality and best priced herbal products, including kratom products, to the people. Because we know our customers count on us to keep the kratom coming at the best prices possible.

buy crushed leaf kratom


In Wisconsin, Kratom is illegal and is a Schedule 1 controlled substance similar to heroine or cocaine.

Below is a comprehensive list of the legal status of Kratom on each state.


Is kratom legal in Arkansas? Kratom is illegal and banned as of February 1, 2016.

Kratom legality in Alabama?  Banned as of May 10, 2016.

Is kratom legal in Indiana? Kratom is Banned and illegal.

Kratom legality Rhode Island? Banned and signed into law on May 31, 2017.

Is kratom legal in Vermont – Banned

Kratom legality Washington D.C. – Banned by resolution on December 12, 2016.

Kratom legality Wisconsin – Banned

Is kratom legal in Alaska – Legal

Kratom legality Arizona – Legal

Is kratom legal in California – Legal except for San Diego city and the city of Kratom legality Oceanside.

Is kratom legal in Colorado – Legal

Kratom legality Connecticut – Legal

Is kratom legal in Delaware – Legal

Kratom legality Florida – Legal except for Sarasota County.

Is kratom legal in Georgia – Legal


Because of the legal status of kratom in each state, we try to update this list regularly.

Kratom legality Hawaii – Legal

Is kratom legal in Idaho – Legal

Kratom legality Illinois – Legal for adults except for Jerseyville where it was banned in April 2017.

Is kratom legal in Iowa – Legal

Kratom legality Kansas – Legal

Is kratom legal in Kentucky – Legal

Kratom legality Louisiana – Legal

Is kratom legal in Maine – Legal

Kratom legality Maryland – Legal

Is kratom legal in Massachusetts – Legal

Kratom legality Michigan – Legal

Is kratom legal in Minnesota – Legal

Kratom legality Missouri – Legal

Is kratom legal in Mississippi – Legal except for Union County.

Kratom legality Montana – Legal

Is kratom legal in Nebraska – Legal

Kratom legality Nevada – Legal

Is kratom legal in New Hampshire – Legal for 18+ only.

Kratom legality New Jersey – Legal

Is kratom legal in New Mexico – Legal

Kratom legality New York – Legal but, the sale and distribution of Kratom are banned.


Is kratom legal in North Carolina – Legal

Kratom legality North Dakota – Legal

Is kratom legal in Ohio – Legal for now because the process of scheduling Kratom as a Schedule I substance is ongoing.

Kratom legality Oklahoma – Legal

Is kratom legal in Oregon – Legal except for Ontario

Kratom legality Pennsylvania – Legal

Is kratom legal in South Carolina – Legal

Kratom legality South Dakota – Legal

Is kratom legal in Tennessee – Legal for 21 and over as of July 2018.

Kratom legality Texas – Legal

Is kratom legal in Utah – Legal

Kratom legality Virginia – Legal

Is kratom legal in Washington – Legal

Kratom legality West Virginia – Legal

Is kratom legal in Wyoming – Legal

In the states where Kratom is legal, you can grow and use it, but you can’t sell it. It is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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