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Buying Kratom in the USA Vs Buying Kratom from Indonesia

Buy kratom from the USA or from Indonesia? This is a question kratom buyers often ask themselves, especially when personally using about a kilogram per month. Use of kratom aside, where should you buy kratom? And who should you buy kratom from?

First, you must be thinking ‘doesn’t all kratom come from Indonesia?” The kratom you are buying in the USA usually comes from Thailand, and may come from other parts of Indonesia including Borneo. While kratom is called Bali as a strain, Red, Green and White Bali, however, are most likely grown outside of Bali, where it is illegal to grow.

If you are a traveller in Bali, you should not be asking around for kratom. In Borneo, Thailand and Sumatra, however, this is not the case. Kratom is now a part of the trade in Thailand and in Borneo and buying kratom powder there is not uncommon. When you buy kratom overseas, however, it is important to be aware of the laws. It is possible to forget what substances are legal where and when traveling this can be a burden and a hazard. Before traveling with kratom, be aware of the laws in each of the towns, counties, cities and countries you are traveling to.

Lab testing for kratom powder.

One tried and true method of getting to know the purity, potency and freshness of any product, including kratom products, is through lab testing. Thorough lab testing is a great way to maintain quality, it doesn’t however, insure that the product is right for the user or how much that user will take to benefit from it.

The benefits to you when you buy kratom from a USA vendor include fast shipping, customer service accountability and in many cases lab testing.

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Concerns with buying kratom from Indonesia.

Each Indonesian vendor requires payment up first. Do you have a vendor you have built a relationship with? You are hoping that vendor will ship after you pay. Hoping that the product does not get stuck in customs. And, you are hoping that if it does, the vendor will ship again. All along you must outlay a good portion of money in the hopes you will get your kratom in time. You are hoping the vendor will come through because you need your kratom.

Here are the most popular strains people choose when they buy kratom in the USA.

Buy Green Maeng Da Kratom. How to Buy.
Green Maeng Da is often considered the Coca Cola of the kratom world. It is by far the most popular strain in America and overseas. Green Maeng da is popular because of its long history.

Buy White Maeng Da Kratom. How to Buy.
Since White Maeng Da is the flight strain, it is popular in America and overseas where people are often tired.

Buy Red Maeng Da Kratom. With people throughout the world struggling to sleep, Red Maeng Da kratom is gaining in popularity and use.

Buy Gold Maeng Da Kratom. A unique strain that is often only sought out by the most knowledgeable of kratom consumers.

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The most common strains people choose when they buy kratom in Thailand. People buy it because they need to experience kratom effects.

  • Green Maeng Da Kratom. How to Buy.
  • Buy White Maeng Da Kratom. How to Buy.
  • Red Maeng Da Kratom. How to Buy.
  • Buy Gold Maeng Da Kratom. How to Buy.
  • Green Thai Kratom. How to Buy.
  • Buy White Thai Kratom. How to Buy.
  • Red Thai Kratom. How to Buy.
  • Buy Gold Thai Kratom. How to Buy.

The best way to buy kratom is with knowledge because information is king. If you want the best, however, stick with Soulful Herbals kratom.

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