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Buy Kava. Buy Kava Kava. “Bye Kava” — By Kava

What is Kava and can I buy kava online from Soulful Herbals? We Answer!

Buy kava online and embark on an adventure. What kava is good? Which kava is strongest? What is the best kava for me? How do I find a kava bar near me? These are the questions you first embark on when you foray into the world of kava bars and kava tea drinking. We are making it easy for you to Buy the Best Kava.

Kava (left) Kratom (Middle) and Matcha (Right)

Buy Kava – the Dos & Don’ts

For me it started at a Kava bar near me in Fort Lauderdale. Then migrated to another kava bar near me in Hollywood Florida. My journey, however, was not simple. Do you know the difference between Waka Kava, Fiji Kava, PNG Kava and Vanuatu kava. And why is it important to always seek out Noble Kava varieties? These questions and more come swirling about and the information can be as muddy as the kava itself. So let’s get into the questions about kava and why and where to drink it. Also let’s talk about the kinds of kava available and what makes them different. This will be too much to undertake in this article alone but we will continue to give information on how to buy kava.

Buy Kava from The Islands

PNG Kava or Papua New Guinea Kava is a potent noble kava variety found on Baluan island also known as Kau kupwe.

Vanuatu is where kava gets its roots and is home to a variety of strains. Buy kava from us and always get the strain with the highest potency at the time of harvest.

Waka kava is a strong and popular kava strain sourced from Fiji. Fiji Kava can be of the highest potency. This rare blend is available on Soulful Herbals only during harvest times and goes out of stock quickly. Batches can lab test up to 17% kavalactones. In Fiji, Kava can be known as Yaqona or Malogu. Kava tea is traditionally used on the Islands.

Buy Kratom and Kava Online

Kava and kratom go hand and hand especially in the South Florida kava bar seen. When you visit a kava bar near me in Fort Lauderdale or Hollywood FL, you will meet a variety of kava and kratom drinkers. Some drink kava to relax. Some drink kratom for anxiety and pain relief. The atmosphere at kava bars, however, are relaxed and interesting. There is usually something for everyone who wants to chill with a cup of tea. Since that tea can be euphoric when it is kava tea or kratom tea, most people are having a good time. The good vibes have introduced a lot of people to the power of tea over alcohol and other damaging pursuits.

Kratom Legal Status for each state – UPDATE.

Relax with Kava


  1. Is kratom legal in Arkansas? Kratom is illegal and banned as of February 1, 2016.
  2. Kratom legality in Alabama?  Banned as of May 10, 2016.
  3. Is kratom legal in Indiana? Kratom is Banned and illegal.
  4. Kratom legality Rhode Island? Banned and signed into law on May 31, 2017.
  5. Is kratom legal in Vermont – Banned
  6. Kratom legality Washington D.C. – Banned by resolution on December 12, 2016.
  7. Kratom legality Wisconsin – Banned
  8. Is kratom legal in Alaska – Legal
  9. Kratom legality Arizona – Legal
  10. Is kratom legal in California – Legal except for San Diego city and the city of Kratom legality Oceanside.
  11. Is kratom legal in Colorado – Legal
  12. Kratom legality Connecticut – Legal
  13. Is kratom legal in Delaware – Legal
  14. Kratom legality Florida – Legal except for Sarasota County.
  15. Is kratom legal in Georgia – Legal
  16. Kratom legality Hawaii – Legal
  17. Is kratom legal in Idaho – Legal
  18. Kratom legality Illinois – Legal for adults except for Jerseyville where it was banned in April 2017.
  19. Is kratom legal in Iowa – Legal
  20. Kratom legality Kansas – Legal
  21. Is kratom legal in Kentucky – Legal
  22. Kratom legality Louisiana – Legal
  23. Is kratom legal in Maine – Legal
  24. Kratom legality Maryland – Legal
  25. Is kratom legal in Massachusetts – Legal
  26. Kratom legality Michigan – Legal
  27. Is kratom legal in Minnesota – Legal
  28. Kratom legality Missouri – Legal
  29. Is kratom legal in Mississippi – Legal except for Union County.
  30. Kratom legality Montana – Legal
  31. Is kratom legal in Nebraska – Legal
  32. Kratom legality Nevada – Legal
  33. Is kratom legal in New Hampshire – Legal for 18+ only.
  34. Kratom legality New Jersey – Legal
  35. Is kratom legal in New Mexico – Legal
  36. Kratom legality New York – Legal
  37. Is kratom legal in North Carolina – Legal
  38. Kratom legality North Dakota – Legal
  39. Is kratom legal in Ohio – Legal for now because the process of scheduling Kratom as a Schedule I substance is ongoing.
  40. Kratom legality Oklahoma – Legal
  41. Is kratom legal in Oregon – Legal except for Ontario
  42. Kratom legality Pennsylvania – Legal
  43. Is kratom legal in South Carolina – Legal
  44. Kratom legality South Dakota – Legal
  45. Is kratom legal in Tennessee – Legal for 21 and over as of July 2018.
  46. Kratom legality Texas – Legal
  47. Is kratom legal in Utah – Legal
  48. Kratom legality Virginia – Legal
  49. Is kratom legal in Washington – Legal
  50. Kratom legality West Virginia – Legal
  51. Is kratom legal in Wyoming – Legal

In the states where Kratom is legal, you can grow and use it, but you can’t sell it. It is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

For more information on the Kava bars near me and the kava bars near you, checkout the King of Kava.

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