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Quality Kratom. How is the quality of kratom measured.

Kratom Quality. Find out why you love our kratom so much! From Lab Testing to Gamma Processing, we do it the right way and it shows in your support for us.

Let’s Talk Kratom Quality with Soulful Herbals Kratom Extract

Lab tested kratom
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Soulful Herbals Kratom Extract Sets the Standards for Quality and Efficacy

Let’s talk kratom quality. Soulful Herbals is the premier, ultra premium source for the highest quality kratom. We source and grow the world’s best kratom, which is how we are able to offer you white label access to the world’s highest quality kratom extracts and Kratom infused products. 

Soulful Herbals is proud to provide a large selection of private label kratom extract and Kratom products tested for purity, potency and efficacy by the most advanced quality control methods available.We provide QR codes to help track and highlight the quality control process that has made us a pioneer in the industry.

As a nationally recognized supplier and industry leader for Kratom, Soulful Herbals offers large and small businesses opportunities to create and distribute custom lines of kratom extract and Kratom products tailored to their company’s mission and goals. Soulful Herbals quality, customer service and product selection is second to none in for Kratom wholesalers, retailers and distributors in the kratom, beauty and wellness industries.

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Soulful Herbals kratom products are revered for quality throughout the world and trusted amongst informed kratom users.

Quality and Precision Comes To Kratom

When it comes to creating pure, potent, white label Kratom Extract, Kratom products and raw ingredients, Soulful Herbals is the gold standard white label manufacturer and supplier worldwide. Soulful Herbals products are tested by independent labs and with certified passing QA test results not only for potency, but also for: Microbiological, Aerobic count, coliforms, enterobacteria, E coli count, yeast and mold, pseudomonas, salmonella, Pesticides/carbamates, heavy metals and organophosphates. 

Tests used to authenticate the purity of products in the Soulful Herbals’s line of Kratom Kratom Extract and infused kratom products include:

High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) 

High Performance Liquid Chromatography tests identify the purity and potency of our source ingredient, meaning raw organic kratom. This test can also analyze ingredients in a mixture and measure components down to parts per million. 

Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) 

Infrared Spectroscopy uses infrared light to validate the authenticity and purity of a sample of raw organic kratom. Tested kratom is used in the creation of Soulful Herbals’s Kratom products. Infrared Spectroscopy is also used to determine the potency in batches of Kratom. 

Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometry (ICP)
ICP ensures all our kratom has the highest possible concentrations of Mitragynine. This test uses a high intensity flame and an ultra sensitive meter to measure the amount of each constituent present in a product or material sample down to parts per million. 

Bulk Liquid Kratom Extract
Soulful Herbals Kratom Extract is among the most popular items in our catalog.

Buy Kratom from the Pros

At Soulful Herbals, our capabilities are far more extensive than just the formulation and labeling of your product. Since you know your business, begin with a discussion with a top-level view of your goals. We can have as much involvement with the processes as you would like. After identifying your needs we can work with you to make the most effective product formulations, label specifications, packaging design, and infrastructure. We support you every step of the way, helping to engage your target audience and create a strong website that facilitates the sale. But knowing your business is not enough. Since we are the kratom experts, here’s what comes. Finally, we need to work together. These steps include search engine optimization, marketing materials, advertising campaigns, shipping, logistics and more. At SH, we know what it takes to do kratom the right way.

Where is Soulful Herbals’s Kratom sourced from?

At Soulful Herbals, our products come from farms that ethically, sustainably and traditionally source their kratom. We lab test our kratom products for potency and gamma processes for contaminants. Soulful Herbals guarantees its products for purity, potency and freshness.

How do you measure potency?

Potency is the amount or concentration of Kratom in each Soulful Herbals product. Unlike efficacy, which measures the effect of the product on the user. Ask your healthcare practitioner if you want help with dosing. Our signature product is Soulful Herbals Full Spectrum Kratom extract. This product is among the most pure, potent and efficacious Kratom forms available.

At Soulful Herbals, our mission is to make Kratom products available to everyone. Not only do we want to share knowledge about kratom, but also to make this fantastic natural plant part of wellness routines around the world. We provide our customers with the most concentrated Kratom products at prices that are affordable. We don’t substitute quality for cost and you will always find powerful concentrations of Soulful Herbals products.

How do I take Soulful Herbals’s Kratom extracts?

A popular way to experience Kratom extracts is to mix it in with juices, smoothies and beverages. For maximum efficacy, we recommend placing a few drops under the tongue and holding it in your mouth before swallowing. For best results mixing with liquids, check back with Soulful Herbals blogs for kratom recipes. But don’t delay, our recipes get better by the day.

Soulful Herbals’s Kratom products are thoroughly tested for quality

Extensively tested for purity at its source of origin and again after processing, the raw kratom that makes up Soulful Herbals’s Kratom Extracts is the backbone of our extremely high quality products.

At Soulful Herbals, we monitor and test every step of the way. Since we are the best, our philosophy is to provide just what is essential with products that are pure, natural and efficacious. We source all our products from organic, Non GMO kratom and never use fillers, preservatives, additives or artificial ingredients in our Kratom products. At Soulful Herbals’s, our Kratom products undergo extensive QA & QC tests through every part of the manufacture and packaging process. We test representative samples of raw organic kratom and finished product to ensure authenticity, concentration and purity. But simple testing is not enough. We go the extra steps, however, to ensure your trust in each product we sell. At Soulful Herbals, our stringent quality control protocols include:

  • Thin Layer Chromatography Authenticity Identification 
  • Potency Assay for Active Components
  • Microbiology Contamination (Bacteria, Yeast & Mold)
  • Heavy Metal Screening
  • Herbicide & Pesticide Residue Detection 
  • Allergens Screening
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Soulful Herbals Kratom Growth

At Soulful Herbals, we understand that kratom plants can be bio-accumulators, however. This means they pull a far range of nutrients and potential contaminants from the soil. This happens as the kratom plant grows and flourishes. Contaminants, however, can be found in products that aren’t sourced from organic kratom. Also, this can happen when kratom products aren’t tested throughout every stage of the growth and production process, problems occur. Since that is the case, at Soulful Herbals, we ensure this never happens. We do this by sourcing, lab testing and gamma processing the finest quality raw materials. We source the best materials for our products, however. Therefore, we certify they are free of any contaminants including chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. Since we certify everything, you can trust our process. But what else should you look for?

The Kratom extract process

Our kratom is organic and sustainably grown and extracted using CO2. This gentle process ensures that Soulful Herbals’s Kratom extract products keep all their Mitragynine, terpenes, flavonoids and other important nutrients. This helps contribute to the powerful effect in full spectrum kratom extracts, however. Our careful extraction process also ensures we preserve the natural benefits of the extract. We do this without ever adding impurities, heavy metals, pesticides or synthetics of any kind. But testing is not always enough. This is why we gamma process. We take quality seriously, however, and never overlook steps. But not everyone does things the right way. Since we do, we can say we love and support our customers and missions for health.

For information on an exciting new project, where you can sell your own small batch products in like a virtual or online farmer’s market format, check out Plant Medicine Mafia. Since you asked, follow us on social for more.

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