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Top 5 Medicinal Herbs Common to Natural Healing

TOP 5: Common Medicinal Herbs

The guiding principal for natural herbal healers that find their medicine in nature is that what kills one person cures another and vice versa. This simply is a way to embrace the uniqueness of each individual as it pertains to healing as well as the individual natural properties of the plants, roots, fruits, berries and flowers we find in the world.

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The most common medicinal herbs, like ginger, have found their way into sodas, beers, cookies and everyday foods. Turmeric can be used as a spice and a medicine, same as ginger, this gives their presence a boost in mainstream culture. Many herbs, spices and natural ingredients can be used as teas, topical creams, or daily supplements.

Here’s our top five healing herbs that can be used in your diet or as a topical or in another way to help you be the best you can be every day.


Valerian Root

Valerian or valerian root has been traditionally sought out to help sleep and soothe anxieties. Considered a medicinal herb, however, there are no conclusive studies on valerian’s effect on sleep. Interestingly, valerian is used as a flavoring for root beer sodas.


kratom and turmeric
Turmeric, kratom and coffee pictured here.


Often Turmeric has been touted as a miracle spice but the studies don’t necessarily back up the claims. Turmeric Curcumin is difficult to absorb in the body. This is why it is good to take turmeric with a potentiator or something that will enhance its effects in the body. Black pepper is a potentiator to Turmeric and turmeric can be a potentiator to kratom.


kratom ginger

Ginger Root

Like we mentioned earlier, ginger is one of those roots that has made its way into common culture and healing remedies. Many use ginger for stomach issues. Some research suggests ginger can relieve nausea. Funny, one of the side effects reported for ginger is nausea. This keeps with the natural philosophy that what heals one person may hurt another.



Usually considered the perfect bedtime tea in the USA, Chamomile can be used as an anxiolytic with mild sedation which may make it helpful for anxiety, relaxation and sleep. Chamomile can be used as a tea or can be made into a topical. It is considered safe by the FDA, however, Chamomile may interact with other medicines, especially sedatives.



Garlic is the delicious ancient herb used for the health of your blood and circulatory system. A clove of natural Garlic has antimicrobial effects. Garlic is considered safe by The FDA and my entire Italian family.

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