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kratom joe rogan

NEWS ON KRATOM: Joe Rogan, FDA, articles and more.

Recent press attacks kratom with a mix up of information. Joe Rogan comes to the defense of common sense.

Kratom news because you need to know the truth. Recently, the FDA weighed in on kratom, a plant with much controversy in the news. Kratom, aka Mitragyna Speciosa, is related to the coffee plant, and depending on who you ask, is a gift from God or the devil. Much of the conversations around kratom revolve around the discussion of its interaction with the opioid receptors in the body. Therefore, kratom is a product under discussion. And that is where the FDA has decided to enter the conversation. Specifically, the FDA has created a scientific model of kratom compounds and found to possess “similar 3D pharmacophores to known opioid ligands.”

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We need to continue to fight for your rights to Buy Kratom.

Proof of kratom’s pharmacological effects are anecdotal but trace back hundreds of years. The main effective part of kratom is called mitragynine, an indole alkaloid. The other most important compound in kratom is the minor component, 7-hydroxymitragynine, may be more pharmacologically active than mitragyne. With kratom plants, the way the plant is grown effects its alkaloid makeup. Kratom growing conditions, weather, soil, fertilizers, harvesting process, and drying conditions can affect the kratom’s nutrient and alkaloid profile. Soulful Herbals tests every batch of kratom because some kratom samples have very low 7-hydroxy alkaloid content. Finally, the best kratom is lab tested and certified.

According to the American Kratom Association, the restriction of kratom can carry with it some bitter consequences.

Here’s a look at some recent articles. 

Science of Kratom and Kratom Powder

Synthetic and Receptor Signaling Explorations of the Mitragyna Alkaloids: Mitragynine as an Atypical Molecular Framework for Opioid Receptor Modulators

Kratom is a leaf from a tree grown mostly in Southeast Asia. Kratom has gotten lots of attention recently from the wellness fringes, especially for people who visit smoke shops, head shops and vape stores.

kratom tea

Coffee and Kratom

Since you may know that Kratom is related to the coffee family of plants botanically, and hence it is often thought of as a natural alternative to Big Pharma. Kratom powder is used for many reasons.  While in the USA kratom can mostly be found in smoke shops, it is not only hippies that are proponents of kratom leaf.  

The Netflix documentary “A Leaf of Faith” shows how kratom has become popular with war veterans, athletes, and health professionals. Because of its influence, the documentary is often sited in kratom blogs like this one.

kratom joe rogan podcast
Joe Rogan discussed kratom on his podcast

Joe Rogan and Kratom

Probably the most influential kratom advocate, Joe Rogan, has talked openly and honestly about kratom, kratom effects, and its use with experts on the “The Joe Rogan Experience.” And because of Joe Rogan’s popularity as an actor, comedian, and UFC commentator, kratom has received more attention. The Joe Rogan podcast is a fount of information on alternative culture and healing. Finally, someone is speaking the truth about kratom.

Recently an article called for Joe Rogan to moderate the political debates. There is a need for a voice of reason in government, for kratom and other issues, because the truth has been obscured for too long.

As a result of Joe’s popularity and truthfulness, the viral petition on, “petitioning for the Commission on Presidential Debates to elect Joe Rogan as the moderator for the 2020 Presidential Debate.”

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Kratom around the world

In countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, people have used kratom leaves for a variety of reasons for centuries. Therefore in Asia, kratom is very popular. In the United States, groups like the American Kratom Association have lobbied the government because their mission is to keep kratom legal. Kratom is often associated with cannabis, CBD, and drugs of other natures because of its legal past.

Citing “high potential for abuse,” the Drug Enforcement Administration may ban the sale of kratom in the USA. It can do this by classifying it as Schedule 1, similar to heroin or cocaine. So several states, including Alabama, Indiana, and Wisconsin, have banned kratom. In contrast, CBD and marijuana have seen increased acceptance and rise to legality. Also, many states have questioned CBD and hemp.

Because Kratom is in the News

Chris Bell, of “Leaf of Faith” fame, stated that kratom helped save his life. “Coffee is very addictive. Sugar is highly, highly addictive — eight times as addictive as cocaine,” Bell said. “We don’t see people knocking over liquor stores to get a candy bar.”

Also, he advocates for kratom legality. Finally, he created the movie to spread the word to the world about the safety of kratom. Even more, is the acceptance of kratom in certain groups like bodybuilders and athletes. Certainly, this begs a further examination of kratom. While many people are advocating for kratom, its legality remains in question. We need to stand up as a group and demand kratom remain available to buy.

buy kratom

Soulful Herbals has a variety of kratom strains at low prices. We work to keep prices low and quality high because we believe in the power of kratom. Since advocating for its use, we have learned a lot from our customers and the people we are fighting against. Therefore, we urge everyone to vote, write Congress and advocate for kratom legality.


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Kratom is Legal
Kratom is Legal

Finally, for more information on kratom, keep reading our blogs, and do your research.

Thank you for reading this because we need more advocates for kratom. Since starting this blog, we have received great support from kratom users throughout the world. Due to the great response, we are increasing our commitment to fighting for kratom legality. We believe in kratom because we believe in nature.

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buy kratom

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  1. I understand your stance on Kratom, and to be clear, you appear to know about the topic, so I am not looking foe a debate.

    I am interested to hear your stance on Kratom usage in combination with prescriptions such as Adderall and other anti depressants.

    Again, not looking for a debate, but rather get an opinion from a person who appears smarter than me on the topic.

    We can talk about more intimate details in a private email, please.

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