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Kratom on Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

Kratom is related to the coffee family of plants botanically and is often thought of as a natural alternative to Big Pharma. Kratom powder is used for many reasons.  While in the USA kratom can mostly be found in smoke shops, it is not only hippies that are proponents of kratom leaf. 

Joe Rogan, the popular actor, comedian, and UFC commentator, has talked openly and honestly about kratom and its use with experts on the “The Joe Rogan Experience.” The Joe Rogan podcast is a fount of information on alternative culture and healing.

In countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, people have used kratom leaves for a variety of reasons for centuries. In the United States, groups like the American Kratom Association have lobbied the government to keep kratom legal. kratom is often associated with cannabis, CBD, and drugs of other natures because of legal past.

Citing “high potential for abuse,” the Drug Enforcement Administration may ban the sale of kratom in the USA by classifying it as Schedule 1, similar to heroin or cocaine. Several states, including Alabama, Indiana, and Wisconsin, have banned kratom.

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